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North Park Baptist Church is a friendly environment where God fearing, Bible believing Christian's come together to worship and serve the Lord.  We minister and serve in Moberly, MO and the outlying areas of our community.  We worship together on Sunday mornings through a traditional and contemporary service at 10am and offer enriching Bible study classe at 9am. We have service opportunities, mission efforts and family ministry programs.

What We Do at North Park Baptist Church

At North Park, we seek to serve and share the love of Christ with the community and beyond. We do this through several ministry and service opportunities. We have ministries for: children, students, singles, men, women, young at heart and those called to missions. In addition to ministry programs, we also have several missions’ opportunities here and abroad.  

What are we doing to hep keep safe:

1.We have purchased a Clean & Safe Pureroz Disinfectant sprayer. This is being done every Saturday and every Sunday evening and after every gathering at the Church.

2.We also have Table Top Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. These are aviailable at each entrance of the doors of the auditorium. We also have bottles of hand sanitizer available in each of the classrooms of the Church. 

3.We have face mask available if you do not have one or you forgot yours. We do not require people to wear a mask but if you chose to that works for us. These are available on the tables in the auditorium. 

4. We do not have the auditorium taped off but we are asking people to try to sit 6ft apart. (Other than if they are part of your family)

5. We are not passing the offering plate. The offering plate is at the front of the stage on the Lord Supper table. This is also where we ask for people to place their conncection card for pray request and guest information. 

6. All the water fountains have been closed off but we offer FREE bottles of water at each of the tables in the auditorium. 

As you can see we are trying to do a nunber of things to keep safe during this pamdemic. I know there may be more things that we have to do at a furture date but Lord willing may God see us through this and bring victory.


Dewey Burge 



  September 2021  
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